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Zhongzhi Fertilizer Group

In the fertilizer industry group Limited is a set of technical synthesis, preparation processing, import and export trade of biological fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, plant protection services as one of the national Ministry of agriculture, the national development and Reform Commission approved the fertilizer and pesticide double fixed-point production enterprise, with R & D center and offices in Shanghai, Pudong New Area FTA, responsible for product export and packed in Chinese, sales of pesticides and fertilizers as the core business, business throughout the country and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States and other more than 30 countries.

In the fertilizer industry group is a diversified group of new energy industry, mainly relates to the field of pesticide, pesticide intermediates, feed additives, bio fertilizer, phosphorus ore, fertilizer raw materials, afforestation, agriculture, communications, construction, health care, high-tech materials; under the Shanghai group faouen agrochemical Co. 

Ltd. and other six companies. Shanghai faouen agrochemical Co. Ltd., is a diversified set of agriculture, industry and trade integrated import and export company, mainly engaged in biological fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, chemical raw materials import and export and other enterprises; is a model of the Shanghai Municipal Council, the SASAC system. Shanghai faouen headquarters is located in Shanghai free trade zone Chinese economic. In the use of the inherent advantages and the global fertilizer industry group companies cooperation in the field of agriculture, made outstanding contributions after more than 40 years of development for the world health field crops, several production bases and careful monitoring of the production process to strive for excellence, to achieve moist global healthy growth and improve the yield of plants to help make high quality nutrition fertilizer, effects of pesticide products crops the understanding of the crop, constantly seeking to provide innovative solutions for plant nutrition, help farmers digging crop potential, success in the fertilizer industry group. 

Since the plant fertilizer group since the products into the market, are hundreds of millions of agricultural practitioners agree, provide more professional and friendly service for the global crop and market, in order to adapt to different regions of different crops and the changing market demand.  pc.jpg  The company has a strong new product research and development ability, rich production experience, strict safety, environmental protection and quality assurance system. At the same time by the American FDA, European EDQM and Chinese FDA audit, with strong technical force and production, a number of biological chemistry, for the R & D team leader; pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, wastewater treatment and water purifying tank equipped with modern; products are exported to Europe and Southeast Asia market, with high-quality products and satisfactory service, 90% of export products, the leading brand of global market. In the fertilizer industry group will be high, in the new situation and 12th Five-Year planning, pragmatic innovation, pioneering spirit, with the national policy orientation, together with industry colleagues, writing a magnificent chapter in biological fertilizer, biological pesticide. Our enterprise is to "stimulate the potential of crops, radiate wonderful life" for the enterprise mission. In the inspirational fertilizer group to create a world of pesticide and fertilizer industry's first brand, trusted international benchmarking enterprises.